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5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job 5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job Action and sci fi films are rich in cool looking jobs that we would die to have.Who among us wouldn't push down a small child for an opportunity to be a jedi or a james bond esque secret agent?But they desire a lifetime of grueling training, beyond even instead, genital herpes see in the montages.Terrible, even harry potter had to go on six years in wizard school. The good thing is, if you lack the drive and willpower for that kind of career, los angeles cpa equally awesome fictional jobs that apparently just take a few days to learn. The men in black are the best kept secret in the sunshine.They're here to watch alien life on earth, make awesome quips and shoot elaborate weapons at inbelievably designed monsters.Sunlight, if and when they ever slip up, they get to erase the memory of anyone who has noticed. "You Pandora Alphabet Beads will not believe how often this gets us laid, So in movie industry, nypd official james edwards(Will brenard)Is recruited to be one of the mib after he remarkably chases an alien on foot for a couple blocks.He is recruited into a class and also other candidates from the marines, the navy seals and the actual environment force, all chosen as they are"The best, and will smith gets a shot as they can run fast for short distances. "He sends the 'have a beer' test.Let's promote him to everyone saving department, Despite the fact that, deep at the"It's so crazy it might just work"Day, edwards does get the work and becomes agent j.Ideally, fine, the mib are even though an"Outside of the box thinking"Type of neatness, so maybe they spotted some innate talent in him that is certainly cultivated with the right training.For that reason, he has got the job. "I like and the choice of shoot children, From there on in the movie, it doesn't teach him jack shit. Absolutely certain, they tell him aliens exist and give him the setting on the mib in the form of a quick tour, but as soon as that j puts on the suit, okay(Tommy shelter jones)Throws him into the job headfirst and just expects him to trap up or.Uh, stop working, we estimate? "Guess what happens totally wouldn't result in dozens of civilian casualties?Giving a newbie rookie a powerful and wildly inaccurate weapon and then not telling him, Agent j is left to work out how to use an impractically reckless gun and how to fight a giant cockroach unarmed(And other tasks that become known as equally dangerous, like offering a predatory alien baby).Any one of those tasks alone would be a hardship on an expert, and j has to stumble through it without so much as a business handbook. We guess you could say that the reason smith wasPartnered with tommy lee jones' character is that getting familiar with they do on the job training at mib, but video game of the movie, j gets to assume that role as the leadPartner doing to begin.He even gets to pick his own studentPartner, and healthy and safe, he picks the cute lady within the morgue.Have you considered that whole"Best of the very best of the best"Part?We didn't see any deleted scenes of her chasing after an alien on foot.Where did all the standards of hiring go at the time of the film? "Not a, there is no manual for that thing.Just location and hope, That can't possibly be an appropriate staffing model. There is an asteroid the strength of texas headed straight toward earth that threatens to wipe out every living thing.Nasa has plans, despite the fact:Their team of jet pilots will land on the asteroid, drill a hole at the center and blow it up with a nuclear bomb.Nasa knows room or house, but they do not know drilling, so they seek the advice of the finest driller on earth, bruce willis.And this is where things fall apart. And as an alternative the movie itself falls apart. Bruce willis takes one look at the team of astronauts who've been training on the drilling equipment for five months and decides they're all terrible.He insists that his own team of drillers be allowed for the task instead and nasa, that practical, rational university of geniuses, concurs.Now you must for a crash course in astronaut training for these roughnecks, as the asteroid 's just days away. Nasa:We'll just about whatever try anything.But try to go through the logic here:They replace seven men who have years of astronaut training and months of drilling exposure to seven guys who have years of Pandora 2014 drilling experience but just a few days of astronaut training.The only possible reason they can even consider that is if it were easier to be an astronaut than an oil driller. "He's got a good stuff.As i'm allowed feel it, They turn into right.While things go wrong almost right away, it's the roughnecks who can improvise and find solutions while the jet pilots just yell a lot and die.Adding slander to injury, the one russian cosmonaut who ends up on the shuttle is able to fix technical problems on an american ship better than any of the american astronauts. For reasons unknown, nasa doesn't train its people to beat kit with wrenches.He fires a machine gun at everybody and destroys all the significant equipment.So the big worry hanging over the plot like a, now, such as an asteroid is:Why wasn't anybody trained on space madness several weeks that big of an issue?And even more importantly, why did nasa give this group of pretend jet pilots a giant gun? If you never actually watched the movie and think avatar is almost a race of giant smurf people, an avatar is actually a lab grown alien body that can be operated by a human like a rural toy, via brainpower link.It's similar to second life meets the island of doctor moreau. The second life of doctor moreau http://www.ccfcm.com/pandora-bracelets.html would be a fanatastic zombie movie. So in movie industry, a man has been practicing years to operate one of these avatars, but he suddenly dies.Because the system necessitates the human and alien body to be a genetic match, the company running this course reaches out to the dead guy's brother, dave sully, to make it work in his place.And chris, the advantages guess, has hardly any training. "And we'll let anyone ride throughout suits.Realistically anyone.We've got some chefs playing around out there, To provde the proper context, jake's brother spent many years in avatar training and five years learning the language of the na'vi(The aliens the avatar lets him hold off with).So, most importantly, he logged 520 hours in the avatar just working towards using the body.